5 Easy Ways To Identify Your Transferable Skills

Many people who are thinking about changing careers think that it is not possible to move to a completely different sector or start doing something new, something which is not connected with your career path. That’s not true.

You don’t have to stay with the same company for 20 years like our parents did. You can change your career direction.

And if you are an expat, you know that reinventing yourself, reinventing your career is essential to create a happy life abroad.  Sometimes you need to adapt to the culture of the country you are living in, explore the market, identify what skills organisations are looking for. Maybe start your own business and finally work at what you love.

Through my international career, I learnt how to be self-disciplined, organised things, take risks, develop contacts. Now I am implementing all those skills into my current career.

How can you identify your transferable skills?

Here are some steps which can help you.

1. Get clear what you want to do next.

Write down your career vision. Take some time to reflect. It is an important change in your life. You don’t want to end up in another job you hate.

2. Research the sector, the organisation you want to work for.

What kind of jobs are available? What is the organisation’s culture? What are the organisation’s values?

If you are thinking about starting your own business, test your idea first, research the market.

Those are the most important steps to take first. Go and do your homework before taking any further actions!

3. What kind of skills are employers looking for?

More and more organisations are looking at not who you have been working for but what skills you have developed in your career path. What is your professional experience?

Go through the job positions you are interested in, identify the required skills and then check if you have those skills. I am more than sure that you will have them.

In my past career, I wanted to move from sales and customer service to marketing. I didn’t have any official marketing experience. Of course working in recruitment or customer service I learnt how to market a product or a job position. I also had a vast volunteer experience when I was developing contacts with the local charities and securing the development of some marketing materials for free. But on my CV you couldn’t see Marketing Advisor or Marketing Manager at…

What I did is to describe during a job interview when I used marketing, sales, communication skills and what was the result of my actions. Your future employer wants to see what kind of value you can bring into the company.

4. Identify your skills.

Here are some questions which can help you with that.

What are you good at?

What skills do you enjoy using?

How do you use your leisure time?

What activities do you like doing in your free time?

What people are complimenting you about? Listen to the compliments. What people are telling you? Did they like you cake, how do you organise your time, how do you write you blogs? Compliments are like clues, so listen carefully to them. If you don’t know what are you good at, pick three people you respect and ask them to tell you what they believe your strengths are.


5. Think about the situations you used your skills.

Write them down. What kind of problem did you manage to resolve? How did you help the organisation to grow?


Take actions now! Start exploring your skills today so you can create a career you love and enjoy your expat experience.

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About the Author

Dominika Miernik

Dominika Miernik is a Career Coach & Business Idea Generator for women. She has lived in Manchester, London, Milan and Rome, and she now helps expat women to pursue their true passions as they adapt to the living in a new country. In 2015 she was named the best International Coach by The Coaching Academy.

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