Repatriation With a Twist

Repatriating is a challenge that most expats eventually face. I have repatriated several times throughout my life, and as we all know there are both logistical and emotional challenges to the experience. I think I have pretty much got the logistical challenges of an international move down pat, and moving “home” is just another such […]

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Coach of the Month – Mark Glazebrook

Name:  Dr Mark Glazebrook Business Name:  On Purpose Client Testimonials:  Niche/Specialties: – Aligning personal and professional purpose – Strategies in how to grow from cultural experiences – Maintaining self care within a 24/7 expat life. Expat Experience:  My expat experience has taken me to very remote parts of the globe including New Guinea, remote regions of […]

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5 Easy Ways To Identify Your Transferable Skills

Many people who are thinking about changing careers think that it is not possible to move to a completely different sector or start doing something new, something which is not connected with your career path. That’s not true. You don’t have to stay with the same company for 20 years like our parents did. You […]

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Coach of the Month – Heike Stengel

Name: Heike Stengel Title:  Cross-Cultural Analyst, Trainer and Coach Business Name:  Stengel Consulting Client Testimonials: Niche/Specialties:  Coaching and Training Internationally Mobile People. I support expatriates and also international business people in dealing with the cultural and business challenges they are facing while keeping an eye on their personal happiness. Expat Experience:  I am a native […]

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Thirty-five Years on the Paris Métro!

Oh, the Paris subway in the 1980s!  It was quite an adventure for an American kid from suburban St. Louis!  (I’m talking Missouri, and not the Ile Saint Louis – the little island at the very heart of Paris!)   Back in the days when the RATP delivered an foldable map with “la carte orange”, I would […]

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