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The Wisdom Broom: Dust, Clutter and Insight!


In China, New Year’s Day is celebrated twice! Once according to the Gregorian calendar (in Chinese called 元旦 yuán dàn) and once according to the lunar calendar (春节 chūn jié) which this year begins on January 28th. On both occasions, however, it is the tradition to sweep the house. This ritual did not come out […]

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7 steps to overcome intercultural shock while living and working abroad


Life abroad can be very exciting and demanding, however may also cause an anxiety, stress and homesickness. It may make you feel helpless, alone, lost and uncomfortable, especially if you are looking to build your career and life in new country. There are many expatriates, especially women, who are suffering in silence, either not asking […]

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Home Lost, Home Found, Home Lost Again – The Cycles of Life After Expatriating and Repatriating


The World Cup has gotten me thinking about the impact of life as an Expat.  More importantly how strongly it impacts our identity and our being to adapt to a new culture, and then dare to return to the one you started in. You may have just thought, “Oh, you mean Repatriating!”  Actually, I mean […]

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Culture Shock

  By Cha Jones, Expat Coach Just when you were finally getting use to the weird things your neighbors did, you up and relocate to an entirely different country with its own culture. Now, you walk down the street and find yourself totally immersed in all things foreign. There is the constant chatter that the […]

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The Evolution of Cross-Cultural Trainings

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“Since cross-cultural preparation is widely accepted to improve expatriate performance and 83% respondents believe it has good or great value, the lack of a practice that makes the benefit mandatory is disappointing.” Brookfield Relocation Report I’ve been offering cross-cultural trainings and facilitating programs for global service providers since 2009. I have yet to meet a single […]

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