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Lessons Learned from My First International Assignment

Expat takeoff

I knew that I always wanted to live abroad. Following a safari to Kenya in 1989 I was hooked on adventure. What I did not realize was that I would begin to crave new experiences and international travel.  This became patently clear after a stint working in Latin America in 1992. By the time I […]

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Home Lost, Home Found, Home Lost Again – The Cycles of Life After Expatriating and Repatriating


The World Cup has gotten me thinking about the impact of life as an Expat.  More importantly how strongly it impacts our identity and our being to adapt to a new culture, and then dare to return to the one you started in. You may have just thought, “Oh, you mean Repatriating!”  Actually, I mean […]

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What Really Counts When Relocating As An Accompanying Partner

The Argument for Accompanying Partner Support International relocation trends surveys published in 2012 have shown that despite a preference from a cost perspective from many organisations for shorter unaccompanied assignments, longer term accompanied assignments are still very much a feature of the international mobility arena and are still the preferred choice for filling more strategic […]

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The Science of Successful Parenting . . . regardless of what country you live in

By Nita Talwar, Peak Experience Parenting, Who are you going to listen to for parenting advice? Will you follow Amy Chua’s disciplined approach from her book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother?” Will you follow Pamela Druckerman’s approach from her book “Bringing Up Bebe?” I have lived in Asia and Europe with my children […]

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Intercultural Competency Survey‏ – December 4th Deadline

This is a request to any who would like to participate.  I received a note from Awang Rozaimie bin Awang Shuib,  a doctoral candidate at the School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia who would appreciate our help in research about regarding the establishment of intercultural competency between sojourners (expatriates, managers, professionals, skill-workers, immigrants, international students) […]

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