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Expat Business 360 – Convincing People Coaching is the Solution

Whether you’re a new coach or your practice is established, there is one challenge that faces us all: convincing people coaching is the solution. You need to master this, because people need to believe in the power of coaching before they will become your client. In our next Expat Business 360 article, we explore this […]

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Expat Business 360 – How To Price And Package Your Services

woman sitting at table has many ideas planning future

One of the most difficult things to figure out, whether just starting your business, or growing it, is how to package and price your services. And, it’s one of the most important things you’ll do because it will determine who works with you and how much income you make, among other things. In this month’s […]

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New Email Series Announcement

Two Businesswomen Shaking Hands In Modern Office

2020 is off and running, and so is our Business 360 series! We kicked off in January, and have been publishing two articles each month aimed at those of you thinking about becoming an expat coach, or recently started putting the gears in motion to make it happen. Over the next 12 months we’ll cover […]

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Culture Shock

  By Cha Jones, Expat Coach Just when you were finally getting use to the weird things your neighbors did, you up and relocate to an entirely different country with its own culture. Now, you walk down the street and find yourself totally immersed in all things foreign. There is the constant chatter that the […]

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7 Secrets to Simple Self-Promotion

What a great pleasure to introduce a guest post today from none other than expat writer Jo Parfitt! If you like this post, make sure to sign up for our November newsletter, where we’ll share an in-depth interview with Jo about her journey and more tips she has to share for us coaches. Thanks, please […]

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