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Thirty-five Years on the Paris Métro!

Oh, the Paris subway in the 1980s!  It was quite an adventure for an American kid from suburban St. Louis!  (I’m talking Missouri, and not the Ile Saint Louis – the little island at the very heart of Paris!)   Back in the days when the RATP delivered an foldable map with “la carte orange”, I would […]

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Culture Shock

international women

  By Cha Jones, Expat Coach Just when you were finally getting use to the weird things your neighbors did, you up and relocate to an entirely different country with its own culture. Now, you walk down the street and find yourself totally immersed in all things foreign. There is the constant chatter that the […]

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Why Repatriation Deserves More Attention

When the opportunity to live and work abroad presents itself,   individuals tend to focus their attention on the expatriation process as well as the benefits of residing outside the home country. They discuss the impact of an overseas assignment on their career and relationships, identify personal and professional challenges,   speculate about the types of skills […]

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