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To Repatriate or Not? Two Expats Share Their Stories

We grow tremendously as an expatriate, learning new aspects about ourselves, our host country, its people, what works and what does not work. This makes change somewhat challenging as the assignment comes to an end when we are facing repatriation to our home country. While overseas we expand. Once we repatriate we find ourselves back […]

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Four Commitments of My Expatriate Adventure

Seated in the hotel restaurant, on the first day of my expatriate assignment in Kuwait, I was having breakfast with my new regional director. He gazed out the window at the Arabian Gulf and then turned to me. “Do you like sunshine?” Not knowing him well, I thought that was a strange question, but said […]

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Getting Involved in the Big Expat World

“It is so big on the outside but the reality is that it feels very small on the inside.” Said Raj who was describing how he feels after the first nine months of his expatriate assignment in the United States. Raj is from Delhi, India. His relocation came quickly and, like many expatriates, without sufficient […]

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Coach of the Month: Steffi Bärmann

Steffi Baermann

Name:  Steffi Bärmann Title:  MSc (consecutive) in Business Administration, Associate Certified Coach (ICF), Certified Adult Educator (wba) Business Name:  think and Grow Client Testimonials: Niche/Specialties: –      Expat & Expat Partner Coaching –      The new Job – Coaching for the first 100 days –      Coaching for Managers in a Sandwich Position –      Leading and Working […]

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Coach of the Month: Dominika Miernik

Dominika Miernik

Name:  Dominika Miernik Title:  Career and Intercultural Coach, Italy Chartered Psychologist Business Name:  DM Coaching Client Testimonials: Niche/Specialties:  Career coaching, Career transition, Job search, Cross-Cultural Challenges Expat Experience:  I am from Poland, lived in Italy for 10 years where I completed my studies in Psychology.  Moved in the UK 4 years ago with my […]

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