Coach of the Month – Beatrice Carafa

beatrice-carafaName:  Beatrice Carafa, ACC

Title:  Expat & Diplomat Coach

Business Name:  Beatrice Carafa

Client Testimonials:

–    Expat Life & Career coaching for expats, diplomats and Internationals. Helping expats and diplomats identify personal and professional goals, assist in getting them aligned in terms of needs, values, beliefs, creating action plans, monitoring progress. The powerful and profound Coaching Sessions help to improve productivity by maximising potential in the areas of leadership, time management, team building and work performance. The results are increased self -confidence, improved relationships, improved communication skills, improved life/work balance and a strong sense of purpose.
–    Personalised training in effective communication, cross-cultural awareness, intelligence and communication.
–    Leading freelance Professional Coaching: FAO – WFP – IFAD – World Bank- Embassies/Consulates

Expat Experience:  I love the diversity of the expat community and consider it an ongoing mind-opening and learning experience.
–    Born in Vancouver, lived in Montreal, New York, San Francisco, London and currently Rome.
–    Mother of an expat daughter living in the UK.
–    As Ambassador of InterNations I contribute to the expansion of the Rome Expat community and to the personal and professional development of its members.

Languages Spoken:  English, Italian and French

Life Experience:
–    Grew up in two different cultures, American and Italian.
–    Experienced being a trailing spouse and mother.
–    Went through and started over after a divorce.
–    Stepped down from a career path I was pursuing in order to focus on what I really wanted to do in my life.
–    Explored many avenues of self-development, self-growth and life meaning.
–    Love painting mandalas, meditating, manifesting, playing ping pong, playing tennis, reading, laughing, listening to music and indulging in all of life’s wonderful experiences.

–    I’ve been working as an English teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Professional coach and NLP Master practitioner for over 15 years.
–    My credentials include:  ICF ACC Professional Coach (PCC in progress), Cognitive Coach, Quantum Coach; Certified Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer and Teacher of English as a Foreign Language.
–    In my past work with teenagers, I created a specific coaching program for Rome’s Youth prison and have coached prisoners to explore and express their inner potential.
–    I facilitate workshops on coaching skills to groups of International men and women in Rome’s expat community.

What I Love About Working in This Niche:  I love seeing my client’s eyes snap wide open in awe as they discover the magic that resides within them.

Coaching Style:  My coaching approach is holistic – it involves balancing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of the person. I integrate a variety of coaching tools, methods and processes to uplift awareness, which opens doors toward expansion and inspiration. My focus is on my client’s shifting from “efforted action” to “inspired action”. I am appreciated for my smile, sensitivity and intuition.

Favorite Coaching Tool:  The Enneagram

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  My clients love the deep, full connection – and feel like they are talking to a long-lost friend. They are easily inspired, fired up and eager to get great results from our work together.

A Tip for My Niche:  Your emotions are your indicators of how close you are to your desired outcomes. Positive emotions bring you closer. Choose your thoughts deliberately in order to feel better – and success will follow.

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