Coach of the Month – Beatrice Carafa

beatrice-carafaName:  Beatrice Carafa

Title:  Expat Coach & Trainer

Business Name:  SkillsFlight – The Inner Journey for Expats

Client Testimonials:

–    Expat Life coaching:  supporting internationals who are dealing with relational, communicational, identity concerns.
–    Coaching trailing spouses
–    Coaching divorced women

Expat Experience:  I love the diversity of the expat community and consider it an ongoing mind-opening and learning experience.
–    Lived in Vancouver, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, London and currently Rome.
–    Mother of a teenage expat daughter living in the UK.
–    Actively involved in Rome’s expat community through organizing activities for personal and professional growth.
–    Co-founder of IEC Women’s group – a support group for expat/international women based in Rome.

Languages Spoken:  English, Italian and French

Life Experience:
–    Grew up in two different cultures, American and Italian.
–    Experienced being a trailing spouse and mother.
–    Went through and started over after a divorce.
–    Stepped down from a career path I was pursuing in order to focus on what I really wanted to do in my life.
–    Explored many avenues of self-development, self-growth and life meaning.
–    Love painting mandalas, meditating, manifesting, playing ping pong, riding my bicycle, reading, laughing, listening to music and indulging in all of life’s wonderful experiences.

–    I’ve been working as a Mother, an English teacher, Spiritual counselor, Life coach and NLP Master practitioner for over 15 years.
–    My credentials include:  certified Professional Coach, Cognitive Coach, Quantum Coach; Certified Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer and Teacher of English as a Foreign Language.
–    In my past work with teenagers, I created a specific coaching program for Rome’s Youth prison and have coached prisoners to explore and express their inner potential.
–    I facilitate workshops on coaching skills to groups of International men and women in Rome’s expat community.
–    My SkillsFlight program – a one on one training program which covers a complete set of personal, relational and communicational skills is tailored to the needs of the Expat who wishes to live a happy and fulfilling life abroad.

What I Love About Working in This Niche:  I love seeing my client’s eyes snap wide open in awe as they discover the magic that resides within them.

Coaching Style:  I integrate a variety of coaching tools, methods and processes to uplift awareness, which opens doors toward expansion and inspiration. My focus is on my client’s shifting from “efforted action” to “inspired action”. I am appreciated for my smile, sensitivity and intuition.

Favorite Coaching Tool:  Non-rational belief buster

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  My clients love the deep, full connection – and feel like they are talking to a long-lost friend. They are easily inspired, fired up and eager to get great results from our work together.

A Tip for My Niche:  Your emotions are your indicators of how close you are to your desired outcomes. Positive emotions bring you closer. Choose your thoughts deliberately in order to feel better – and success will follow.

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