Coach of the Month ~ Belinda MJ. Brown

SONY DSCName: Belinda MJ. Brown

Title: C​E​O, Executive Coach

Business Name: Equanimity Executive​

Client Testimonials:

​   and​


Niche/Specialties: Women Leaders, Expat Coaching

Expat Experience: I spent the 30 first years of my life in France, my home country prior to choosing to move to the US in 2007, quitting my promising career, leaving at home my longtime boyfriend, a comfortable lifestyle, our cats and my friends.

Languages Spoken: French, English

Life Experience: The experience of another way of life, a complex American culture and overcoming the language barrier have ignited in me the desire to expand by helping others to finally be who they are wherever they are. Indeed, I had once felt disconnected from who I was to adapt and adjust to my environment.

For 15 years I was a talented leader in global corporations in Europe and in the US, which at the time was my vision of success.

In 2011, my still longtime boyfriend was finally able to join me in the US which allowed me to create space in my head to redefine my vision of success at 33 years old and to become an Executive Coach and an Entrepreneur.

I founded Equanimity Executive, LLC in 2011 using my corporate skills and my visionary mindset. My solopreneur initiative has evolved and grown with me and my clients. First supporting male executive expatriates since I had evolved by choice in male dominated industries for 15 years, I realized after 18 months that my clientele was 90% feminine and yet 100% international. Women became a passion and I developed programs and events specifically dedicated to empower international women to become and grow as leaders.

​I have a holistic approach​ which ​enables re-alignment for individuals and organizations looking for greater results and performance with ease. Today Equanimity Executive offers​ executive coaching and corporate training​ with 3 areas of focus:

  • Women Success
  • Team & Leadership Success
  • Transition Success to assist our clients to succeed away from their home country or individuals to change their career.

Accomplishments: I was nominated as a Woman to Watch in 2014 by the OBJ and our company was accepted to the Incubation Program of the University of Central Florida.  I am as well the Director of WOAMTEC in Lake Nona and sit on several boards. ​

What I Love About Working in This Niche: I love the ability to assist my clients to define success on their own terms in order to be who they are wherever they are.

Coaching Style: I am French, you can therefore guess I am direct and highly productive when guiding my clients through important transitions. As a former corporate leader, metrics are still very important to me and keep my client accountable by measuring and championing their progress. Authenticity as a key quality in working with individuals and corporations ready for the shift they are looking for.

Favorite Coaching Tool: Energy Leadership Index, Behavioral and attitudinal assessments, Pain/Gain model, Forward-Thinking

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach: Cultural awareness, Diverse background, Ability to relate to others while practicing detached involvement.

A Tip for My Niche: Be aware of your emotions which are the most important “signals”, your behavior and your talents when you land in a new cultural environment.

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