Coach of the Month – Belinda MJ Brown

Belinda MJ Brown CB SquareName:  Belinda MJ Brown

Title:  Executive Coach & Women Success Expert

Business Name:  Equanimity Executive

Client TestimonialsTestimonials

Six Word Bio: Global Citizen And Cultural Awareness Catalyst

Niche/Specialties:  Female Expat Leaders and Executives

Expat Experience: My international experience is based on 10 years of living and working abroad including France and the United States. I was born and raised in France in the late 70’s. I grew up in a low-income neighborhood and always was an optimistic idealist. My unconventional upbringing has been the greatest gift as I held the thought that everything was possible because of my extraordinary Mom. My determination and hard work led me to emigrate to the United States and I established my life and my business in 2007.

Languages Spoken:  Fluent in French and English

Life Experience:  Impassioned by a lifetime of curiosity about countries, people, and their cultures, I draw upon many years of my own expatriate life-work experience; that’s not only useful, but essential and often transformative.

Accomplishments:  My passion for coaching manifested in 2005, when I enlisted my first coach at age 28 years in Paris, France. It was an intriguing and powerful process reserved at the time to a limited audience of executives of top 40 companies. The process helped me to uncover the person I knew I had the potential to be, embrace the unsettling feeling of working and living in a foreign country in addition to discover a realm of unlimited opportunities.

In 2010, two events lead me to believe I would stay in America for a chapter of my life. I finally felt myself integrating into the American culture enough to design a new career here. I sought the path to become a Certified Professional Coach to hold the space for leaders – which can be anyone who has the desire to lead by choice at home or abroad whether the choices are related to life, career, team, relationships, or organization. My clients are wanting to experience growth and transformation in their career, their life, and their organization while working and living abroad.

I am also a thought leader for Forbes Coaches Council and contribute monthly with relevant articles to women who want to BE who they are wherever they are. I received the Emotional Intelligence Ambassador Award 2016 for my work supporting understanding and mastery of emotions.

I am the Director of the International Coach Federation of Central Florida Chapter (Orlando) and the President of the Lake Nona Regional of Commerce where I facilitate integration of expats.

What I Love About Working in This Niche: Empowering women wanting to expand their footprint in our society to share the space with men in challenging and complex settings. The discovery process while growing as a female leader working abroad or within a multicultural environment.

Coaching Style:  Curious, energetic and catalyst for change I use inquiry, practical fun work and creative tools to support self-awareness.

Favorite Coaching Tool:  Energy Leadership Index paired with values assessment which provides a holistic baseline to identify strengths to mitigate limiting beliefs and assumptions.

Why Clients Choose Me as Their Coach:  Women are hiring me because I am holding a safe space of “the everything is possible” in the most challenging situation. Female executives come to me to experience confidence, success on their own terms and freedom of choice. I have been trusted and selected often because I am an active and intuitive listener who remembers and notices what matters the most to my prospects. My capacity to remember even the smallest details of our conversations amazes them.

A Tip for My Niche: Trust you can be Who you are wherever you are whether it is abroad or in the C-Suite.

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