Coach of the Month – Cara Diemont

Cara DiemontName:  Cara Diemont

Title:  Founder, Coach and Strategist

Business Name:  Firefly Dance

Client Testimonials:

Niche/Specialties:  “Change the world and the person may adapt or die; Change the person and the world transforms, in the blink of an eye.” ~Greg Hamerton

My specialty is working with individuals, pairs and groups that lead change and this wonderful quote sums up my focus beautifully. I believe we can dream bigger, live larger, and create amazing impact in the world. And so, I work with people who want to be just that:  leaders of change.

Whether it’s creating change in location as an expat, change in organisations as a senior manager, change in the market through marketing & sales, change in your career or in your life, these are all spaces where you can be intentional, create amazing transformation and have impact with your full power.

Expat Experience:  For more than fifteen years, I’ve been a global gypsy, working in and wandering the world. I’ve spent what feels like decades on conference calls, circled the world more than a few times, learnt to think and budget in currencies not mine, translated between many versions of second-language English, and worked with people and teams scattered by language and location.

I love the complexity of everyone’s different experience. Even more, I love the simple truth that we are all striving to live a fulfilled life of impact.

Languages Spoken:  English

Life Experience:  Well, I like to introduce myself online with:  I am a coach, a ballet dancer, an engineer, a marketeer, a strategist, a facilitator, a thinker, a cook, a creator, a poet….

I am a citizen of the world via Johannesburg, London, Dubai and all the wonderful places I have been lucky enough to spend time in.

My philosophy on life?

I see, and so I hear, and so I touch, and so I feel, and so I sing, and so I dance, and so I smile, and so I laugh.

Accomplishments:  The accomplishment I love best is my publication of my poetry book, Through Light. Second to that is doing a very serious ballet exam in my 30s (not for the faint-hearted). Other accomplishments that inspire me are:

  • seeing my presentations and documents from many years ago still used by the businesses I worked for
  • watching the delight I can elicit in my 6-month old niece
  • watching my clients take on the world

What I Love About Working in This Niche:  The courage and bravery of my clients in taking on change is magnificent. I am constantly inspired and humbled to work with them. Each of them creates miracles every day, each in their own way. To see my clients dare to be great, to take on change, to lead it, and to love it…. This is what I love.

Coaching Style:  Well, this is what some of my clients say:

“gentle yet provoking”, “she was my catalyst”, “a motivational and inspirational coach”, “Cara’s intuitive skills are far beyond what I’ve experienced with any other coach”, “rephrasing and simplifying matters”, “held in her warmth and compassion”, “agile ability to gently push the clients out of comfort zone while holding a safety net”

Favorite Coaching Tool:  I don’t really have a favourite tool, but I do have ones that I come back to again and again because of their power to get to the core of things. Some areas I often explore:

  • Looking at relationships and how a client shows up always brings new insight.
  • Working through different aspects of self, either through the lens of relationship & roles or through fulfillment and balance coaching
  • Working with clients so that they can be and do “on purpose”, rather than by accident

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  My clients tell me I am strong yet gentle, kind but firm. Most highly value my intuition – to the point where some think I am a mind-reader! Several are drawn to me because there’s pretty much nothing that shocks me – any topic or feeling is possible and allowed in a coaching session. Some clients find my own journey inspiring; I did 15 years’ corporate global work and then shifted to a new career in coaching.

My clients know that I see them doing amazing things and being more wonderful than they could have imagined. I hold them great and together we journey to that greatness.

A Tip for My Niche:  Are you going through change? Leading change? If you are, I would simply ask: what is possible if you go beyond the norms and expectations, step outside the lines, and dare to be great? The impossible can be easy when you stretch beyond the edges.

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