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Read, Claire - Photo (Nov 2020)Coach Name: Claire D. Read, Ph.D.

Title: International Transitions with Mindfulness, Ease and Resilience

Business Name: ProSocial Dynamics, LLC

Client Testimonials: Click here for testimonials.

Niche Specialties: International foreign and humanitarian assistance professionals, foreign service officers, corporate staff and military personnel, working with professional and personal transitions; leadership development and team dynamics; certified coach professional.

Expat Experience: A lifelong expatriate, as a daughter of the U.S. Foreign Service I grew up all over Europe as my family transitioned from one post to the next. After I grew up, I worked in the international sector in Washington D.C. conducting business liaison and networking activities for embassies and corporations. I met and married a Moroccan diplomat and went to live in Morocco for almost twenty years. Our posts during my marriage took us to Denmark and to Belgium for a number of years. Divorced with two children, I returned to the U.S. where I entered the international foreign assistance sector and worked for thirty years in project management, human resources, recruiting, team building, team deployment and repatriation. My employers included the USAID, the World Bank, and the for-profit and non-profit development firms. During this time, my work took me throughout West and East Africa, the Middle East, and Afghanistan. I have had extensive experience supporting professionals working in conflict and disaster areas, helping them in mastering stress and trauma while building resilience and maintaining performance.

Languages Spoken: Native fluency in English and French; very basic Moroccan Arabic

Life Experience: As a single mother, I raised my two children in the United States while working in international development. Once they graduated college, I put myself through undergraduate studies, a MA in Clinical Psychology, and a PhD in Organizational Systems and Leadership Transformation. I worked in private clinical practice for twelve years with a focus on helping trauma survivors (expat, military, and others heal and rebuild resilience. I am currently living in Denver, Colorado with my partner who is a retired international development specialist and former U.S. Navy submariner. I still provide international consulting services in leadership development and team dynamics on a short-term basis. I have two grown-up children who successfully launched into their professional lives.

Accomplishments: My greatest satisfaction comes when a coaching or counseling client finds an “Aha!” in a session and makes a breakthrough towards achieving their goals. Highly trained in mindfulness, stress reduction, and emotional agility, I love using a gentle, compassionate and curious approach to helping my clients explore their inner and outer worlds, how these manifest in their daily lives, affect their relationships, and how they can overcome their fears and resistances to move out of their comfort zones into successful adjustments to life’s challenges. Expert in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training/Coaching (ACT), working with maladaptive emotion schemas, and compassion-focused approaches, I am passionate about bringing my clients into mindful awareness of their choices, helping them to develop the capacity to observe themselves from a mindful perspective-taking place (the 30,000 foot view), to learn to detach from unhelpful thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations whilst developing emotionally intelligent behaviors.

What I love about working in this niche: I love making a difference in your life. Helping you to adjust to the transition of moving to a new country, learning a new culture, learning to navigate new customs, and adjusting to new living conditions. In addition, as an expat myself, I know how hard it is to re-enter the United States. I remember coming back from Belgium after some twenty-five years of living abroad with my two kids. The first time we went into a supermarket we had panic attacks and didn’t buy anything. The second time we went in we bought everything in sight. It can be pretty overwhelming, I know.

Coaching Style: Mindfulness-based inquiry, partnering and co-creating with my clients, developing values-based living and commitment to one’s purpose and goals. My work includes individuals, couples, families, teams and their leaders. I am both an executive coach and a wellness coach. My years of clinical practice have given me a deep understanding of human brain functions and of interpersonal neurobiology. I coach “with the brain in mind” (Rock, David).

Why Clients Choose Me as Their Coach: I am able to hold a safe, compassionate and yet challenging space for my clients to go deep and find their truths as to where they are and where they are going. They develop clarity, resilience, inner strength, and psychological flexibility. My clients have always told me that I helped to find their paths and to move into them with strength and courage.

A Tip For My Niche: As humans, we all have strong tendencies to spend huge amounts of inner time either in the regretted past or the feared future neither of which exists. Our work is to stay out of our minds and stay in our lives to be able to function optimally in the present moment and to make the best possible values-based choices.

Contact details:

Twitter: @CoachClaire

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