Coach of the Month – Denis Niedringhaus

denis-nName:  Denis Niedringhaus

Title:  Your Expat Coach in Paris.

Business Name:  DN Executive Coaching:  Smile at Change/Sourire au Changement

Client Testimonials:

Niche/Specialties:  “Welcome to Paris” expatriation trainings in English, Mandarin Chinese or French:  I offer one-day “Welcome to Paris” trainings at your home or office to ease the transition process for you and/or your spouse (women and men) in traditional or same-sex couples.

Paris is a beautiful city but living and working here on a daily basis presents real challenges.

I provide ongoing coactive coaching to managers (single or married) who want insight and strategies for dealing with important changes in their professional or personal  lives.

Expatriation Coaching Philosophy:  I have worked with hundreds of expats who come to live and work in Paris.  Often they have little free time, don’t speak French and don’t really know what resources are available to them.  As an expatriation coach, I have two responsibilities: firstly,  to help my clients get access to the resources and communities they need for support and secondly, to encourage them to understand  and  really integrate French culture.   In short, to move from “surviving” (making “safe” choices such as spending time on museum visits and cooking classes) to actually thriving (interacting meaningfully with neighbors and shopkeepers and making French friends).   When in Paris, live like a Parisian!  C’est possible!

Professional Development Coaching Philosophy:  An expatriation experience can be stressful.   A long-term move to completely different environment represents an important transition which calls a lot of things into question for business people and those who accompany them.  I incorporate a lot of coactive coaching techniques which are based on the concept that the coachee holds the answers to important life questions.  I practice active listening and am a big advocate of mindfulness.  I am also trained as a systemic coach (ORSC) because putting resolutions and good intentions into action can never be done alone!

Expat Experience:  I’m a Midwesterner at heart.  I grew up in Saint Louis, Missouri with a passion for foreign languages (I speak four!) and Asian culture.  Here are a few lines on my outer journey.

– Before coming to settle in Paris over 25 years ago, I  lived in Munich, Vienna and Osaka, Japan.  I also travel frequently to Beijing and Shanghai and am very familiar with Chinese business culture.  In fact, I have been teaching Mandarin Chinese for over 9 years international business schools.

Why I became a coach:  I’d like to say a few lines about my inner journey, which has basically been one of self-discovery.  It took me a long time to realize that all my vulnerabilities and sensitivities were, in fact, assets.   I started my professional career as a language teacher because I enjoy helping people.  When I took an English teaching job in Japan in 1986 (those pre-Internet, pre-CNN days), I took a huge step into the unknown.  It was a courageous decision which I did not make easily.   Nevertheless, I made the move with no intercultural training and no life coach to help me deal with the considerable culture shock.  Living in an Asian culture also helped me develop a sense of humor, in particular the ability to laugh at myself and the situations I got myself into.

Heroes/Heroines:  Carl G. Jung, Joni Mitchell, David Sedaris, Thomas Merton and my grandmother.

Professional Interests and Associations:

– I am an active member of the Paris chapter of the ICF (International Coaching Federation.)

– I am also actively involved in the American and Chinese Business community : the American Chamber of Commerce and the CICC (the French/Chinese Chamber of Commerce).  I also regularly attend the group meetings of  “Les Chinois en France” and have taught Mandarin Chinese in international business schools in Paris for over 9 years.

– I also participate regularly at the American Chamber of Commerce events and SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research).

Languages Spoken:  English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and German

Favorite Coaching Tools:  the Third Entity, High/Low Dream

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  I am warm person with an off-the-wall sense of humor.  My clients enjoy working with me because I listen without judgment and take a genuine interest in their problems.

A Tip for My Niche:  I encourage my clients to listen (and repeat) affirmations as a means of maintaining positive energy necessary for change.

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