Coach of the Month – Diana Bocskai

DianaBocskaiName:  Diana Bocskai

Title:  Certified Systematic and Solution Oriented Coach

Business Name:  Diana Bocskai Coaching Ltd., BesiDe Coaching

Client Testimonials:

Niche/Specialties:  I am enthusiastic to work with expats and clients in challenging life phases and career related transitions. Every single client will be consulted with using an individual approach. I love unlocking power in my clients and believe that we all can achieve a lot if we really want to. My specialties are motivation, change management, identifying resources for problem solving, career planning/consulting and cultural training. I have real passion for my job.

Expat Experience:  I have been an expat for over 16 years living in Hungary, Switzerland and for shorter periods of time in the UK and USA. I love supporting my clients in all that I did not have as an expat at the beginning of my career: acclimation/settling in assistance, career consulting and cultural training. I love the diversity of the expat world sharing experiences from all over the globe and enjoy every moment of learning from them.

Languages Spoken:  German, Swiss-German, English and Hungarian

Life Experience:  I am a professional coach, experienced HR specialist, excellent listener, strong motivator, a great mind reader, energetic, never have enough of learning, mom of two kids, addicted to Swiss-chocolate and they say a good cook.

Accomplishments:  The biggest accomplishment is for me when I see a smile on my client’s face. The other thing that makes me feel proud is when my clients tell me ” I start a bit like feeling at home”. Having lived almost half of my life abroad, home has a special meaning to me and I believe that thanks to the power of my positive thinking I can effectively coach expats in cultural transitions. I was always drawn by working with people and my fascination for supporting people inspired me to obtain the following degrees: Master of Sociology with specialization in Social Psychology, Bachelor of English and Pedagogy, Post Degree Certificate FHNW in Systematic and Solution Oriented Coaching.

What I Love About Working in This Niche:  I love the diversity of my clients’ backgrounds and enabling them in their adaptation to new life stages and cultures, empowering them to use their potential for achieving their career goals and seeing those moments when they open up to new perspectives and lifestyles.

Coaching Style:  Systematic and solution oriented short term coaching. I listen hard, feel 100% with my clients and am determined to activate potential and resources.

Favorite Coaching Tool:  Wonder-Question, which is a short one with a real huge impact. My clients are always surprised when hearing it and I enjoy every moment seeing its power and what it can trigger.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  My open-minded, forward thinking, empathetic and positive personality is appreciated by my clients. I am also practical and a great motivator. When I coach, I give my whole power and personality to make an impact and activate  result oriented actions.

A Tip for My Niche:  Life is about changing, having the chance to take the moment and make the best out of it! Keeping this in mind, you can open up whole new worlds and those can move you forward in your life and career.

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