Coach of the Month – Donna Goodin

DonnaGoodinName:  Donna Goodin

Title:  Expat Coach, Trailing Spouse Coach

Business Name:  Ideal Path Coaching

Client Testimonials:  Coming soon!

Niche/Specialties:  Expat Coaching, Trailing/Accompanying Spouse Coaching, Academic Trailing Spouse Coaching

Expat Experience:  As an academic in various foreign language departments, I have spent time living in both Spain and Mexico.  Because of the nature of my work, I have also spent most of my professional life working alongside people from cultures around the world.  I have also spent over twenty-five years as a trailing spouse, and have made several moves to support my husband’s career.

Languages Spoken:  English, Spanish, some Italian

Life Experience:  I have worked for twenty-five years counseling, coaching and teaching.  I have been fortunate to get to know many people from all around the world.  My experience in other countries ranges from university halls in Spain, to orphanages and social services offices in Mexico.  Here in the U.S. I have lived in widely differing environments ranging from cosmopolitan cities to the small rural town where I currently live, the latter being perhaps the place I have struggled the most with culture shock.  When I’m not working, I love traveling, reading, playing harp and guitar, and spending time with friends.

Accomplishments:  I have a Ph.D. in Hispanic Cultural Studies and a master’s in counseling.  I am also a certified coach.  I have worked for twenty-five years as a teacher, counselor and coach.  In addition to my work with accompanying spouses, I have also coached military spouses, retirees, and provided outplacement coaching to displaced employees.

What I Love About Working in This Niche:  As a trailing spouse myself, I am passionate about helping others in that situation create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.  I understand the anger, depression, and frustration one can sometimes feel, as well as the conflict that those emotions can present when you truly want to support your spouse.  However, it is only when we confront those feelings that we can truly move forward and find the positive things that our situation has to offer.  I love providing clients the opportunity to do that.  My own journey was not without challenges, so I am committed, through my coaching, to help others who are walking this path.

Coaching Style:  As a coach, I create a safe space where my clients can explore all that they are experiencing and feeling as an expat partner.  I believe that most often the answers to their challenges lie within their own personal insights and experiences and encourage them to use those tools to forge a bright and exciting future for themselves.

Favorite Coaching Tool:  My Perfect Life Exercise

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  My clients love working with me because they know I am committed to their success.  They find in me a coach who is open-minded and supportive, while also holding them accountable to the goals they set.

A Tip for My Niche:  Be creative and open to change, for that is often what helps us to grow the most.  Living in another country can be one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences you’ll ever have if you can embrace the journey!

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