Coach of the Month – February

Name: Doris Fuellgrabe

Title: Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Business Name: Building the Life You Want LLC

Client Testimonials:

Niche/Specialties: My favorite topics of conversation are the impact of international change on the leadership style for the executive, on the role and identity of the accompanying spouse, and all the communication adventures that ensue for everyone involved when you move abroad. As a couple. Or a family. Or on your own.

Expat Experience: Born and raised in Germany, I’ve been an expat since 1997 having lived, worked and studied in the UK (Scotland and England), Spain (Barcelona and the Canary Islands), Mexico (Aguascalientes) and the USA (Texas).

Languages Spoken: Plattdeutsch, German, English, Spanish, with a bit of rusty French and a love of Dutch thrown in for good measure.

Life Experience: Career-wise, I’ve worked as an Executive Assistant to CEOs of European multinationals for about eight years before turning my attention to coaching, training, speaking, and facilitating workshops, which I’ve been doing in one form or another since 2005. Otherwise I’m an expat, a traveler, student, daughter, coach, Toastmaster, sister, wife, and friend to many wonderful people!

Accomplishments: Competent Communicator, Advanced Leader Bronze (in the Toastmasters world at least ;-)), 2011 President of the Dallas Chapter for the Association of Psychological Type, accredited coach, a certified MBTI® Step I and II Facilitator, and I hold a BA Honors in Human Resource Management with Spanish. I also presented at FIGT again, a concurrent session on how to choose the right Expat Support Services for your budget, and a crackerbarrel on expat coaching, too.

What I’m hoping to accomplish in the near future, and you can help me with it, is find out how our personality types influence cultural adaptation. When you have a moment, please visit to participate in a short survey about your personality type / MBTI(r) result and your cross-cultural experience. Thank you!

What I Love About Working in This Niche: Every story is different, every family is different, it’s never dull, and I’m excited to see culture (a)live and in action. Also meeting expats and chatting with them, managing their expectations, preparing them for what’s ahead, and being inspired every day by the resilience and dedication in all of us.

Coaching Style: Pretty direct, but non-directive. My client leads at all times, I ask clarifying questions, and when invited I share my impressions or serve as a mirror.

Favorite Coaching Tool: Ooh, there’s more than one – depends on the situation! I like the Wheel of Life for general stuff like setting goals, Moreno’s Psychodrama for practicing a difficult conversation, the values exercise to clarify someone’s passion, and MBTI® for more specialized awareness about strengths in e.g. careers, and challenges in e.g. dealing with stress or emotional intelligence.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach: I’m told I ask kick-a$$ questions, that even if they’re uncomfortable at the time, they set wheels in motion that result in deeper insights. One client liked how I bring out the bottom line from her stories, and another appreciated my focused organizational skills. Thing is, I’ve chosen them, too, so this is definitely a two-way street. The vibe has to be right, and I work best with motivated people who are ready to take responsibility for their choices.

A Tip for My Niche: “Know thyself.” Be who you are. Don’t change your preferences, have fun with them, and just be open to learning and adding different behaviors to your existing repertoire. (Only if you want to be effective abroad, that is. ;-))

Contact Details

Facebook: My page is so new, you’ll have to like it or it might hide away in loneliness forever!


Twitter: @expats_MBTI


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