Coach of the Month – Gisele Pilling

Name:  Gisele Pilling

Title:  Lifestyle and Leadership Coach/Consultant: Personal Mastery | Relationships | Business Sustainability

Business Name:  Lifestyle Leadership Consulting


Testimonials:  A 1:1 testimonial is engaging.  For a list of clients who have agreed to offer their names and numbers forward for a discussion on their experience in coaching and/or consulting with me, please contact me directly.  To view a written testimonial, please see my website and LinkedIn profiles.

Niche/Specialties:  I specialize in helping people get out of their own way, leadership agility, cultural synergy and business sustainability. Let’s face it – the only thing we can count on in life is that change happens. The key is in how we navigate ourselves and ultimately, how we can impact the greater good, globally.

Expat Experience:  Life as an Expat is rich with adventure and cultural diversity. Leadership agility is present on a daily basis with opportunities calling each of us forth to be our best selves. This is at the core of what I love about the work that I do! We continue to learn from each other, share perspectives and blend our synergies aligning our way forward.  I’ve lived and worked in Vancouver Canada, Bermuda and currently Canouan, SVG in the Caribbean.

Languages Spoken:  English

Life Experience:  Since raising 2 amazing young adults and living as empty nesters, Mike and I wanted to add some adventure to our lives, a slower pace and a more simplified lifestyle.  The Expat journey was calling us forth!  We liquidated a lifetime of stuff and haven’t looked back.  Well, maybe a bit… as first time grandparents this year, little Ivy Olivia presents many opportunities for us to feel the love and also the miles between.

Accomplishments:  One of the most poignant learnings thus far in my life is this: “that the gift, the joy, the inspiration and life experience we receive are all a result of who we are being.”  People don’t remember you for what you’ve done – they remember you for how you made them feel.  I’m a lifelong learner.  There are certifications and advanced courses/workshops a plenty in my portfolio.  Leadership, coaching, neuroscience, leadership 360, axiology, DISC, health and fitness, nutrition and personal training to name a few…

What I Love About Working in This Niche:  This would have to be around mirror neurons.  Science has proven that we reflect and attract to ourselves exactly what we need for this space in time. Time and time again, I am struck with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the people and experiences that life is presenting. We are always learning and growing as individuals and sharing in this journey with others brings a smile to my face.

Coaching Style:  Back when I was a coach in training with CTI, a term was verbalized in describing me and I’ve kept it with me ever since; “rock-pillow space.”  This perfectly and succinctly describes my style.  I believe in living my life full out and this is definitely represented in my coaching style.  We have fun; we climb mountains together; get curious and yes, there may even be some tears shed – all in service to my clients discovering who they are now and embracing the lifestyles they want to be living today.

Favorite Coaching Tool:  With over 1,000 hours of coaching behind me, the biggest change shifters that I’ve noticed with clients are curiosity, awareness and reflection.  Truly, the coaching call is the catalyst.  Change happens between our calls, in that space where you are the Observer of your life and making choices.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  Shift happens. I bring a steady calm into the coaching space coupled with an underlying intensity balanced with my playful spark.  I believe that we are all creative, resourceful and whole and with a heart at peace, lovingly unbalance people in service to their own growth.

A Tip for My Niche:  Live Inspired!

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