Coach of the Month – Kim Knight

Name:  Ms. Kim Knight

Business Name:  Kim Knight Coaching

Client Testimonials:

Niche/Specialties:  Weight Loss, Self Matters, Entrepreneurship, Time Management, Relocation, Expatriation & Repatriation, Spiritual Awareness

Expat Experience:  20 years:  Have lived in UK, USA, KOREA, SAUDI ARABIA, ISRAEL. Traveled to 40+ countries.

Languages Spoken:  English

Life Experience:  Kim’s compassion, understanding and ability to listen deeply are due to her own personal struggles in her life and also her successes achieved working with individuals on a global scale; people of various ethnic origins, religions, various cultural backgrounds and individual preferences.  Kim has always been totally committed to her ongoing self-growth and development which is one of the factors that guided her into coaching. Kim is also an Educator, ESL Specialist, Intercultural Trainer and Relocation Consultant. Kim’s travels have added immensely to her experience and she feels it has been a form of education that is invaluable and cannot be replaced by any formal education. She has travelled to over 40 countries and believes that is just a starter list and would love to make it 80 someday not too far away.

Accomplishments:  Kim is proud to be the first in her family’s generation to get a degree. She then went on to attain her Masters while relocating to 2 different countries during that time. It was very difficult due to the practicalities involved and the transitions into completely different cultures, but she is proud of the fact that she was resilient and achieved both her Masters and Coaching Qualifications while being on the move. Kim has also succeeded well in living in countries with very strict and diverse cultures and is honoured that she can, due to her real life experience, add much to her coaching of clients who relocate to countries with very different cultures.

What I Love About Working in This Niche:  I get to use not only my education, skills and coaching qualifications, but my expat and travel experience is a real-life value add.

Coaching Style:  Kim uses a holistic and integrated model. Her approach is thorough and explorative, with a very pragmatic appeal and a focus on sustainable life changing outcomes. She offers various programs on various topics which her expat clients encounter such Relocation & Expatriation; Life Management Integral Self & Life Package, Time Management; Professional Career Growth and others.  Customised programs are available on request. Kim also provides “Ambulance” or emergency sessions when needed.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  Clients choose Kim because of her ability to discover challenging areas quickly by using very active listening skills and giving the client the space and time to talk. Kim is able to identify with her clients in many of the areas that arise. She goes the extra mile to help individuals enhance their lives and believes in her clients’ ability to do so. They also choose Kim because it is very clear that she is passionate about supporting clients to live on exceptional lives no matter where they are in the world.

A Tip for My Niche:  As a direct outcome of her own life experiences Kim has discovered that despite one’s environment or perceived limitations, one can create the life and culture you want no matter where that may be. This may not always be easy. She is very aware that trials and tribulations are a natural part of daily life, but with new perspectives, strategies and support and by reframing one’s circumstances, Kim knows that anyone, if willing, can overcome all hurdles and dare to dream and achieve their biggest dreams.

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