Coach of the Month – Kirsten de Greling – Visman

Name: Kirsten de Greling – Visman

Title: Certified Career and Expat Coach

Business Name: Road Map to Your Dream Career

Client testimonials:

Niche/Specialties: I work with expats, accompanying partners, and busy professionals who are balancing their job and their family who feel like they have lost control of their lives, and maybe even lost their sense of self along the way, to refocus and find work that they are passionate about and a life that fulfills and excites them.

Expat Experience: I have been moving around the globe, initially as a child with my parents and nowadays with my husband and two young children. Countries lived in:Albania,Burkina Faso,Cameroon,Canada,Curacao,France, theNetherlands,Spain,USA and we currently live inZambia.

Languages Spoken: English, Dutch, French and Spanish

Life Experience: During all these travels I learned that the only one who can shape and control my life and future (even when being the traveling spouse), is me, and my destiny lies in my own hands.

Accomplishments: I empower my clients to see possibilities instead of feeling stuck or lost, frustrated or demotivated. Together we build up their confidence, explore their passion and set the path to find the career and life that they have been searching for. I have published a Special Report on 3 Myths about Life and Career Abroad which helps accompanying partners / traveling spouses gain control over their own lives while following their expatriate partners.

What I Love About Working in This Niche: I now get to do what I love best on a daily basis, no matter where I live. I use my love of travel and living life fully and my skills in coaching, adapting to change and self-empowerment to help professionals, expat partners and others who have lost their sense of direction in their lives and careers to reignite their passion and refocus their professional and personal dreams so they feel totally fulfilled and excited about life ahead.

So if you have been feeling stuck in a rut for too long, have lost yourself along the way, want to make a plan for your life or career, and live your life according to your own plan, you are in the right place. I would love you to be able to look back at your life a few years from now and realize that you had a say in your own personal and professional growth and be happy with the road you traveled to get there.

Coaching Style: Authentic, Supportive, Intuitive, Empathetic, Sensitive, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Professional, Passionate, Honest, Insightful, Encouraging, Open Minded.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach: Clients have chosen to work with me in the past for my passion and skills in coaching, adapting to change, and self empowerment combined with my love of travel and living life fully. This formula has helped them to regain a direction in their lives and careers, to reignite their passion and refocus their professional and personal dreams so they feel totally fulfilled and excited about life ahead (which is a true reflection of who they are)!

A Tip for My Niche: Living, Working and Relocating Abroad will take a lot of energy. Find support if you are feeling insecure, intimidated or overwhelmed. You are not alone and there are always others in similar positions as you! This is no time to be isolated. You may have just been offered a great opportunity to reinvent yourself and change your life into what you have always wanted. Grab the opportunity to turn lemons into Lemon Meringue Pie and see this transition as a time to make a significant change.

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