Coach of the Month – Linda Raven

Raven, Linda - Photo (2020)Name: Linda Raven

Title: Radical Life Coach

Business Name: Linda Raven Coaching

Niche/Specialties: I came to coaching from a career in social justice education. I love working with expats who are questioning or are critical of our dominant cultural narratives. There are so many ways in which development and humanitarian organizations can inadvertently cause harm and replicate colonial power structures. My specialty is working with people who know that systemic issues affect their individual challenges and vice-versa. I also practiced yoga for 20 years, and have been trained in somatics, so I also use many body-based techniques in my coaching.

Expat Experience: I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia for 3 years, and later lived in Namibia for another 9 years. I’ve now lived in Angola for 3 years. I spent a summer in Costa Rica and another summer in Nicaragua. I am originally from the United States.

Languages Spoken: English, rusty Spanish, decent Portuguese

Life Experience: I worked in a variety of fields prior to coming to coaching. I have been an engineer, organic farmer, yoga teacher, development worker, and study abroad program coordinator. I spend a lot of time questioning mainstream solutions to global challenges and looking for solutions that are more life-affirming.

Accomplishments: Right now I feel that my biggest life accomplishment is managing to avoid getting caught in the trappings of adulthood that seem to keep people silent on issues that are important. I managed to keep my childhood curiosity and keep learning.

What I Love About Working in This Niche: People who are questioning mainstream culture often feel unsafe to share their thoughts with other people. It can be very isolating. Challenging social norms can feel very dangerous to some people. I have many clients who tell me their “crazy ideas” that their friends either won’t listen to or laugh at. I love giving my clients a space to share whatever “crazy” or “unspeakable” thought they are currently exploring. We all need spaces where we can explore our unpolished ideas without judgment. It is very satisfying to me to create that space with my clients.

Coaching Style: Since I used to teach yoga, as you might imagine, I have a very calm, accepting style. I give clients space to explore their thoughts with curiosity and compassion. I begin every session with a centering practice. I often invite my clients to explore how the issue they are exploring is landing in their body and what the change they are looking for might look like in the body.

Favorite Coaching Tool: In addition to somatics, I have also taken numerous courses in Internal Family Systems. I find that supporting my clients to notice and feel compassion for the various internal parts that are in conflict within them whenever they are feeling stuck on an issue is an effective way for them to grow compassion for themselves.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach: Clients choose me as their coach when they want someone who understands what it is like to live a life that challenges dominant cultural ideas of success. They also choose me because of my warm, accepting personality that lets them feel seen and welcome in their wholeness.

A Tip for My Niche: Marketing discomfort and complexity is not easy, but when the right client finds us, they know without a doubt that they are in the right place.

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