Coach of the Month – Louise Wiles

Name: Louise Wiles

Title: Expatriate Coach

Business Name: Success Abroad Coaching

Client Testimonials:

     “Coaching with Louise has helped me a lot in coping with being an expatriate and helped me to be more positive and to realise opportunities. It also helped me in mobilising and expanding my networks and improving my networking skills and increasing my willingness.”

     “With the coaching support, I feel more in control of the relocation process. My self-efficacy is higher. Knowing that you are with me on my journey helps as well. Everyone around is busy with their own lives and aren’t necessarily understanding of my challenges.”

Niche/Specialties: Partners of expatriate workers/assignees who are considering or currently enjoying an assignment/relocation due to their partner’s career demands.

Expat Experience: Initially I was a reluctant trailing partner, so reluctant in fact that I didn’t accompany my husband when he first took on a role in Madrid. It was my career that held me at home. Eventually though “love” won J and I moved to live in Madrid and loved it! I am now living near Lisbon having lived in Lisbon, Portugal for a total of five and a half years spread over two assignments. In between we returned to the UK for three years and spent five years living on the island of Madeira.

Languages Spoken: English and ‘terrible’ Portuguese (according to my bilingual 10 year old daughter!)

Life Experience: Never a dull moment! Always varied and always a challenge. Living abroad without a doubt has greatly enhanced my life experience. I have met many amazing people, learned so much about living with an international/global mindset, and about running a mobile/portable business.

Accomplishments:  Keeping sane (relatively) as my husband indulges his love of “change” every two to three years! Balancing family life and study, qualification as a personal performance coach, and being a strengths practitioner. Conducting and concluding a research project “Career choice and the accompanying partner”, and building two coaching related businesses. The second one is a current work in progress to be revealed in March 2013…..

What I Love About Working in This Niche: The possibilities. The challenge and change created by relocation often initiate opposing reactions in people, some shrink and struggle others strive and thrive. I love to encourage those who struggle to look outside of their discomfort and see the possibilities and with those who strive to help them direct their energy and enthusiasm in the most positive way.

Accompanying partners play such an important role in the relocation process but are rarely recognized for it. I aim to provide the support and recognition they deserve and raise the profile of their role and commitment as assets in the relocation process with organisations around the world.

Coaching Style: I’m told I am deeply caring, empathetic, attentive and supportive. I am solution orientated and  forward thinking and encourage clients to look for the positive learning that comes from overcoming their challenges.

Favorite Coaching Tool: I believe we should all understand our personal strengths, celebrate and focus on those. My favorite tool is Realise 2 Strengths Assessment and Development Tool (Centre for Applied Psychology). Our realized and unrealized strengths represent such huge personal potential and that is so exciting to uncover for a client.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach: Because I “get” their challenges and am their advocate.

A Tip for My Niche: Accompanying Partners, don’t allow yourself to be marginalized by a role that is of fundamental importance to so many organizations. Stand proud, recognize your massive contribution and insist on support that will help you achieve your own personal potential and fulfillment… wherever you are in the world.

Contact Details
Email: OR

Facebook: Louise Wiles

LinkedIn: Louise Wiles

Twitter: LWexpatlife


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