Coach of the Month – Mark Glazebrook

MarkGlazebrookName:  Dr Mark Glazebrook

Business Name:  On Purpose

Client Testimonials:


– Aligning personal and professional purpose

– Strategies in how to grow from cultural experiences

– Maintaining self care within a 24/7 expat life.

Expat Experience:  My expat experience has taken me to very remote parts of the globe including New Guinea, remote regions of Australia, Asia, North America and the Pacific.

My time in New Guinea and the Torres Strait of Australia focused on assisting Island communities to establish successful fishing industries. I have also been fortunate to represent the oil and gas sector, spending extended periods in remote Aboriginal communities in Australia and Canada to develop a new fuel product innovation to help tackle the devastating impact of petrol or gas sniffing amongst young Aboriginal people. This work involved inventing a new non-sniffable fuel called Opal which when supplied to remote communities meant young people were not able to get a ‘high’ from sniffing the fuel and most then resumed their education. This work required me to adjust how I acted in terms of learning the local language, customs and culture in order to build trust and forms relationships with key Elders and community leaders.

I bring this personal experience into my work as a coach, where I like to reframe challenges associated with expat and living away from your home base as incredible learning opportunities that if harnessed can be life changing and help to develop you as a person as well as a professional in your field.

Here is a short video of the impact of this work:

Languages Spoken:  English

Life Experience:  I am very, very fortunate to have travelled the road less travelled in life. I have often chosen to go with my gut rather than my head, to grow my character rather than just my bank balance. My own purpose is to assist others to reach their own unrealised potential.

Accomplishments:  An active part of my family as a father, husband and friend.

Oh yeah, then there is work….Global award from BP and the Australian Prime Minister for contribution to Indigenous communities mentioned earlier.

Specialist at social innovation where business capability is harnessed to help improve lives across the world.

Mentored and coached CEOs, senior executives, grads and mums returning to work.

What I Love About Working in This Niche:  We are all travellers in life and I believe we are better off when we share our hopes and frustrations rather than bottling them up or even choosing the ‘bottle’.

Coaching Style:  I like to build a rich understanding of the people I work with so I can find connections and themes that may not be so obvious to the person themselves

Favorite Coaching Tool:  Future Letter – If you wrote to a letter to yourself that you open in five years’ time, what would it say?

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  People like to work with me because I listen, I care, I act and can be trusted….qualities that are increasingly rare in everyday life.

A Tip for My Niche:  Listen to the little voice in your head…it knows more than you do.

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