Coach of the Month – May

Name: Patricia Comolet

Title: Intercultural/Multicultural Coach

Business Name: CamComCoaching

Client Testimonials:


Preparing for departure, integration and return. Multicultural teams in high stress environments. Dealing with the unspoken – hesitations, concerns, fears.   Preparing teams leaving for short term actions.  Currently developing Facilitated Mastermind Groups for expats and recent returnees.

Expat Experience: Born and raised in the US, lived and worked 1.5 years in Holland, 5 years in Switzerland, 6 months Israel, 6 months Soudan, 3 years India, 7 years Germany, 12 years France.  I have a French husband, a bi-cultural family, tri-lingual children, and multicultural clients!

Languages Spoken: English, French, German

Life Experience: My life experience can best be described as global, evolving and satisfying!  I thrive on new places and people and moving about has provided me with the knowledge that underneath all our superficial differences everyone wants to be respected, recognized as worthwhile, and admired.  Whether through my clients or my family, each day has brought me new challenges and satisfactions, and given me another chance to try again.  For a complete biography:

Accomplishments: I see my accomplishments as being the relationships which I have built and maintained around the world.  Collaborating in a clinic in Soudan with other volunteers, structuring and running Maternal Health care centers in India, creating and managing an International Parents’ Association in France, raising and moving a family around Europe, and acting as President for the International Coach Federation’s Paris antenna have all been about leadership, cooperation, balancing and enjoying the opportunities I have been presented with.

What I Love About Working in This Niche: I love the people I work with, the challenges they face and the incredible energy that comes in sharing those challenges while I accompany my clients towards a rewarding and growing experience.

Coaching Style: Pragmatic, Direct, Focused, Empathetic

Favorite Coaching Tool: Powerful questions and holding a safe space for my client to let go, open up and consider new angles for action.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach: I believe that clients choose me for my clarity, open attitude and the energy I bring to the relationship.

A Tip for My Niche: Identify the opportunity.  Live the adventure.

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