Coach of the Month – Natalia Espinosa

Natalia EspinosaName:  Natalia Espinosa

Title:  Cross Cultural Coach

Business Name:  S&D Cross Cultural Solutions

Client Testimonials:


– “First steps in Mexico” ,”First steps in Spain”, “First steps in USA”.

– Expat Spouse/ Partner & Family Support: Direct support and constant guidance to the expat and their significant other and family.

– Highly oriented on supporting the transition, the immersion and the real living experience in the new country while guiding expats to solve the constant common and specific challenges they will discover one step at the time.

Expat Experience:  I started as an expat years ago, first while studying in different countries for extended periods of time and then about 10 years ago when I first moved to Mexico and, most recently, when we moved to the US three years ago. In both opportunities I had to “discover” the new world where I was going to live, as a couple, as a worker, as a mom, and how I needed to adapt myself to the new environment to succeed in all different facets.

Languages Spoken:  Spanish and fluent English

Life Experience:  I was born and raised in Spain. I have lived in four different countries including Mexico (in three different states there), and now in the US. I know that there will be many more changes in the coming years… Being married to an expat (and in a cross-cultural marriage!) helped me to understand how important a simple guide can be.


– Bachelor Degree in Business Management and Law. Masters Degree in Marketing. Certified Coach.

-In all my different experiences, I faced some similar and some very different challenges. I am happy to say that in each one of them, I fully immersed myself. Now even my own family has immersed in a successful way through all different cultures and ways of living. In all countries I have lived, I have worked, traveled, had kids, run a home, etc. and through all of this I have learned how challenging and delicate it can be for the expat and their family to understand and positively succeed in the new “home”.

What I Love About Working in This Niche:

-Having the chance to share my experience in order to make someone else’s transition smooth and enjoyable.

-Helping people to immerse in the new culture and then navigate in the new environment like fish in the water.

Coaching Style:  I am really dynamic, involving, and inclusive. I always try to be one step ahead to provide proactive feedback and training. With this, I let my expats enjoy the joy of success while in the new process.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  I love to do what I do and my clients can certainly feel it…I believe my passion and professionalism combined is what have made all my expats choose me.

A Tip for My Niche:  The better prepared you are and the more you share and support your family/significant other to get acclimated to the new experience, the more they will enjoy it. With this comes higher possibilities that the expats will have success in their mission.

Contact Details
LinkedIn:  Natalia Espinosa, S&D Cross-Cultural Solutions

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