Coach of the Month – Petra Votisky

petraName:  Petra Votisky

Title:  Expat-coach, solution-focused coach and clinical psychologist

Business Name:  Coaching for Mastery

Client Testimonials:


  • Support in coping with cultural shock / cultural adaptation;
  • Career coaching for expats;
  • Expat-women, expat-wife coaching;
  • Psychological and coaching support in fertility problems, psychosomatic problems.

Expat Experience:

  • 5 years in Bucharest, Romania;
  • 1 year in Dubai, UAE;
  • Offline and online working experience during my expat years;
  • Being an expat-wife;
  • Building a portable career.

Languages Spoken:  English, Hungarian

Life Experience:

I have coped with many challenges in my life which have made me who I am now:

  • I was able to restart my personal life and career after a divorce.
  • I could manage successfully a long distance relationship for 1 year and continue in a great marriage after that.
  • I could cope with some losses in my fertility journey and become even stronger after that.
  • I lived in two totally different cultures in a very diverse environment, met and worked with people from various cultures.
  • I could find my place abroad as an expat-wife.
  • I managed to change my job in Romania as an expat.


  • MA in health psychology, degree in clinical psychology, certification in solution-focused coaching, degree in human resources.
  • I set up a company abroad in Bucharest, Romania.
  • I started my own coaching/psychological counseling business 4 years ago.
  • I organized a huge conference for Hungarian people who want to move abroad.
  • Running a Meetup group for people who want to move abroad. (
  • I conducted several online and offline trainings (career, confidence building, expanding the comfort-zone, creative problem solving etc.)
  • I was a lecturer in coaching at International Business School in Budapest, Hungary,
  • Clients who were able to mobilize their own resources and find their way forward.

What I Love About Working in This Niche:  I love my clients; I love being their partner on their mastery journey; I love their cultural colorfulness.

Coaching Style:  Supportive & creative & solution focused.

During our sessions our keywords will be the following:

  • Future orientation;
  • Uncovering of possibilities;
  • Solution orientation;
  • Positivity.

Favorite Coaching Tool:  Visualization exercises, NLP based tools, creative techniques, psychodrama tools.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  I believe that life abroad is a chance for development for everyone and I also believe that everyone can be the master of his or her life. As a coach and as a psychologist I would like to make this possibility available to everyone living or wishing to live abroad. I want to show them that their journey and life abroad is a chance for learning and development for them.

A Tip for My Niche:  I believe that the opportunity to develop is open for everyone and anyone can become a master of his or her own life. I believe that YOU also have the opportunity to become a master of your life.

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