Coach of the Month: Rose Jolis

Name: Rose Jolis

Title:  ‘Transition by Design’

Business Name:  Rose Jolis Coaching & Consulting

Client Testimonials:

Niche/Specialties:  I am all about the STARS acronym:  spouses trailing and relocating successfully.  This was one of my own hang-ups about losing my own identity when I felt that I was following my husband around.  Then I realized what a fantastic opportunity it could be for my entrepreneurial senses and I feel this for my clients as well.  I also love to work with somatics – get people out of their heads all the time and working with the body for a deeper understanding of how we make unconscious decisions and the story that it tells us. Also working with multinational relationships.

Expat Experience:  I am a curious traveler and have now found myself to be an expat, too, and I know from my own experiences where things get tender and sometimes muddy.  I had to learn how to become a learner again and to find things exciting when traditionally you might find them to be overwhelming.

Languages Spoken:  English, French- good but not fluent.

Life Experience:  I have traveled extensively my entire life.  I worked on very large yachts in hospitality.  I traveled through Papua New Guinea as a young woman.  Have scuba dived through many remote regions of the world. Married for 27 years to an Australian so have had to learn how to live as a multinational relationship.

Accomplishments:  I was a professional chef and worked with Martha Stewart at the start of her career.  I then cooked on yachts and traveled all over the world for 27 years working alongside my husband.  My husband still works on yachts and I have come ashore to coach yacht crews as well as work with those in the expat community.  They overlap very well because even though we see these lifestyles as very romantic ways of living, we know that they can be a struggle.  You are never in your own home.

What I Love About Working in This Niche:  I love working in this niche because I love working with people as they make their transition into new cultures and new places.  It can be a very unsettling time, but with the right support and tools, it can be an extremely creative and empowering experience.  I love working with people to be able to look outside of their box and to be creative in looking towards entrepreneurial opportunities while they are transient. It’s very exciting to see clients bloom again.

Coaching Style:  I refer to my coaching as organic as each coaching relationship is an individual one.  Most of my work is via Skype, but I prefer to work in person when and where possible.  But Skype is an amazing tool for allowing us to both be in our own world and then to also create a world between us.

Favorite Coaching Tool:  I am a certified Integral Coach©, and use all sorts of tools.  There is no one size fits all; it depends on each individual client and the work that we are doing with each other.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  I think that after my initial consultation with a client that they have a deep sense of feeling heard and supported by me.  I think they have a sense of safety and trust.  I think that my clients appreciate my time for playfulness as well as the times for digging deep.

A Tip for My Niche:  I found those times when I was missing my friends and family at ‘home’ that some little softening of my heart, gut and self would happen and that it would allow room within me for a new person or idea to enter. That’s when I realized that the following year that the people in my current world were going to be the friends and people that I was missing.

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