Coach of the Month – Scott Masciarelli

Name:  Scott Masciarelli

Title:  Leadership and Career Transition Coach

Business Name:  Clear Insights Coaching


Client Testimonials:

Niche/Specialties:  Expatriate coaching:  personal leadership, career transitions, expat adjustment overseas and repatriation

Expat Experience:  5+  years as an expat in Kuwait and Bahrain managing a multinational team in both countries.  One year of experience living in various locations in Latin America and 24 years of global travel.

Languages Spoken:  English, Spanish, Italian and conversational Arabic

Life Experience:  I have over 25+ years of international and domestic travel  and have visited and worked in over 60 countries. On the domestic side I have only four U.S. states left to visit.  Overseas work experience as a General Manager and Trainer in Latin America and the Middle East.  I am a perpetual learner who is always learning something. Most recently I attended a group coaching certification course and am currently studying Modern Standard Arabic.  I also serve as a volunteer Student Ambassador to assist new students at International Coach Academy with their adult self-directed learning plan and orientation.

Accomplishments:  Recognized leader and General Manager while in the Middle East.  I was  the GM for United Airlines in Kuwait and Bahrain where I led a multinational team through a corporate merger, expansion, start-up, service provider change while improving results, revenue and creating a dynamic and engaged team.  Together it was a collective effort and my coaching focuses on both personal and professional leadership. Ultimately it all comes back to us. While in Kuwait I studied Modern Standard Arabic and Kuwaiti dialect.  I continue with my language studies at the Arab Academy in Cairo, Egypt.  I hold two coaching certifications, ACC with the ICF and BCC with the CCE. In 2013 I became a GCC, Group Certified Coach, and truly enjoy that coaching experience as much as working with individual clients.

What I Love About Working in This Niche:  It’s so much fun!  Expats have a sense of adventure and are open to change. It is very exciting to explore the possibilities that lie ahead of an expatriate.

Coaching Style:  I practice the Co-Active coaching style.  All conversations are based on the client’s agenda and I am their partner in change.  I use humor to create a relaxing and comfortable coaching environment which leads to great results.  The majority of the coaching is done virtually through Skype or telephone. This works well for clients who are all over the world.

Favorite Coaching Tool:  My kick-off session called “Get Clear.” In this we begin by identifying the client’s Authentic Self. This is the true you when roles and responsibilities are removed. It’s a powerful place to start coaching from this place of clarity. We then begin creating and achieving what is important to the client.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  They choose me because I have a truly international perspective. As a global traveler who has visited over 60 countries and as an expatriate I understand their challenges and needs.

A Tip for My Niche:  When living abroad engage in the local culture as much as possible and try not to fall into the comfortable trap of remaining with your own culture in an insulted world.  It is much more exciting to step out of your comfort zone and explore.

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