Coach of the Month – Ilonka Slechte

Name: Ilonka Slechte

Title: Relocation Expert and Expat Coach

Business Names: EZ-Relocation and Aurora Relocation

Niche/Specialties: As a licensed Real Estate Agent and Expat Coach, I can help clients with more than just finding a new home. I have the added avantage that I know the market very well and am completely up to date on rental contracts and rental law.

Expat Experience: I have been an expat all my life; in fact, I’m not sure I have a home country to speak of.  As a Global Nomad, I moved 20 times within 40 years, between countries and continents. So I know first-hand what it is like to be an expat and how important the right relocation agency is during a move. Fifteen years ago I moved to Belgium, and my companies Aurora Vastgoed and EZ-Relocation are based in Antwerp. They were born from my intrinsic need to do more than just find a rental property for my clients. I know that it is just so much more.

Languages Spoken: English and Dutch (fluently) although I have a basic knowledge of several other languages.

Life Experience: Where do I start … I have a life-time of experience as an expat. Born in Paris, France and then fleeing to Lisbon, Portugal at just 6 months old, I then moved to England for a few years before making the move to Africa (Ivory Coast and Zaire). Moving back to Europe in the mid 70’s when the political climate in Zaire make it impossible to stay. I then lived in several countries in Europe before doing my Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Communications in the St. Louis, MO, USA. Yet another continent and another culture. After finishing my degree I moved back to The Netherlands and started a job in Marketing. This is where my experience in Marketing, Advertising and Communications started, working for a number of multinationals, including Badger, Shell, Billiton, Bristol Myers Squibb and finally Radisson SAS Hotels Worldwide. Together, my personal and professional experiences have created a perfect background for assisting other expats through the relocation process, as I not only know what it is like as an adult to move to a new country, but I have also done it as an Expat wife (sacrificing my own career at times to move with my husband for his work) and an Expat child (moving from country to country and school to school). There a very few Expat Coaches that I know of who have been an expat all their lives.

Accomplishments: The greatest accomplishment I think is that of reinventing myself to accommodate new situations and trying always to see the positive in each change (move) that I have made. This has led to my now owning two successful businesses, one in real estate and one in relocation, having a wonderful family to share these adventures with and last but certainly not least that I still love what I do.

What I Love About Working in This Niche: Being able to help expats find their way. Every expat knows what it’s like to move and how greatful you are for those people you meet along the way who do that little bit extra for you.

Coaching Style: To me it’s all about the expat. What do they want to achieve? What are they looking for? What are their goals? I try as much as possible just to listen and then guide them in such a way that they find their answers within themselves.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach: Because of all the years of experience I have in this sector and the fact that they feel completely at ease with me.

A Tip for My Niche: Be yourself and be open to meeting others!

Contact Details
Email: and

Websites: and

LinkedIn: Ilonka Slechte

Twitter: AuroraVastgoed

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