Coach of the Month – Steffi Bärmann

Steffi BaermannName:  Steffi Bärmann

Title:  MSc (consecutive) in Business Administration, Associate Certified Coach (ICF), Certified Adult Educator (wba)

Business Name:  think and Grow

Client Testimonials:


–      Expat & Expat Partner Coaching

–      The new Job – Coaching for the first 100 days

–      Coaching for Managers in a Sandwich Position

–      Leading and Working in Virtual Teams

–      Train the Coach

Expat Experience:

I would rather call it “My geographical journey”:

–      13 years in Schwaan/ former GDR-Eastern Germany

–      7 years Rostock/ former GDR

–      2 years Regensburg/ Germany

–      11 years Vienna/ Austria

–      3 years Tehran/ Iran

–      6 month in Helsinki/ Finland

–      since March 2012 back in Vienna/ Austria

In each destination I learned something new about me and me in other cultures. I learned that it is worth facing challenges, because the give you the greatest value back and make you grow and I learned that I always at the end come back to myself, just expanded with a new colour, a new puzzle piece or mosaic stone.

Languages Spoken:  German, English

Life Experience:  My experiences that have had a strong impact in my life:

–      Being world champion in handball, even though I am not very talented playing that game, but I loved playing handball and being part of a team

–      The fall of the wall (GDR – GER) and coping with a completely new contradicting culture, while staying in the same city and living in the same street

–      Stopping my studies (in my home country) in order to study something completely new (in another country) without support and while working, because I wanted to change my way of living, my direction

–      Being married with an Iranian/ Austrian world traveller. We share the same passion about other countries and cultures as well as we learn from each other what it means coming from a different culture.

–      Building a coaching business in Iran, where this word was more or less unknown and everyone was suggesting me to change into a trading business, but I stayed positive and happily succeeded

–      Becoming a mother of (meanwhile) two lovely and also challenging girls, they make me grow, while I try to grow them ;)


–      hopefully many inspired clients, using their strengths in order to live the life the dream of

–      coaching training program created and conducted in a country (Iran) which were not very welcoming to this idea

–      coach training program created and conducted for a 4 Semester master program at the university of applied science for Management and Communication (WKO Vienna/ Austria)

–      walking my path, doing and developing what I am passionate about, and on the other hand respecting what people around me see as there way of living

What I Love About Working in This Niche:  I love my clients, with their very strong and powerful experiences, and their motivation to take action and succeed in living their international, exciting and challenging life’s. I like to watch them grow!

Coaching Style:  Creative & intuitive: My work is based on systemic-constructivist and neuroscientific theories, neuro-linguistic programming, the solution focused approach and other valuable communication, conflict and intercultural tools and methods.

Favorite Coaching Tools:  System board, metaphors, creative and visual tools, body language.

Why Clients Choose Me As Their Coach:  Clients choose me as a coach, because I have similar experiences as international living person, business women and mother. Due to feedback they like my creative, visual, emotional, sometimes unusual methods, matched with their needs and visions.

A Tip for My Niche:  “We cannot go on. We have to wait until our souls have followed us.” –Eugen Rucker

“There are several ways to finally be coming back to oneself. The more ways, the wider the path, more diverse the views, more colorful accompaniment, the richer inner growth.”  –Steffi Bärmann

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