Coach of the Month – Yoanna Del Valle Salazar Rondón

Yoanna(1)Name:  Yoanna Del Valle Salazar Rondón

Title:  Life and Flow Coach

Business Name:  Expat Coaching

Niche/Specialties:  Expat coaching/Cross-cultural coaching/Multicultural coaching/Flow coaching

Expat Experience:  Living abroad for 10 years.

Languages Spoken:  Spanish, English and Danish.

Life Experience:  As a kindergarten teacher I know that childhood has a huge impact on our personality and the way we are as adults. I have always been passionate about psychology and self-development. I have made huge decisions in my life, such as moving abroad and starting over from the scratch. People will always tell you what to do; you have to be strong enough to make the decisions that are right for you!

I love being a Coach.  I will never tell anybody what to do or what I think is right for them; I am going to lead them to find their answers from within and that is amazing!

Accomplishments:  I could write a bunch of titles and courses here, but for me my biggest accomplishment has been being a single mom in a foreign country. The fact of raising a child abroad has made me strong, happy and very, very proud.

What I Love About Working in This Niche:  Kindness is NOT a matter of nationality. Sometimes we think all the people in our new country are something positive or negative. We surely have a culture that defines us, but you will definitely find both good and bad people everywhere and none of that has anything to do with if they are Spanish, African or European.

Coaching Style:  Flow coaching.

Contact details:


Facebook:  Expat Coaching DK

LinkedIn:  Yoanna Salazar



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