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InterNations is the biggest global networking site for expats and global-minded people of various nationalities and their family members. At the moment, it unites more than 250,000 members in 250 cities worldwide. On the platform, expatriates and their partners can connect with compatriots, ask for advice on everyday life in their host country, provide other members with useful tips, make new contacts and find information in the City Guides.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending many of their events in New York City, where not only are the venues outstanding (a great way to get to know some fun places to return with friends!) but also a great way to make new friends!  For my first event, I connected with another attendee via the Internations Forum, we met at the event, and then I made several more friends with whom, two years later, I’m happy to say I’m still friendly with!

In my experience, the parties are attended by people from all over the world who have settled into New York and found a wonderful community within which to meet, network, and have fun! If you’re not a member yet, you can also apply for membership at InterNations.

For more information, check out: and

– Heather Markel

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