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Many of our Expat Coaches have designed self-study materials and programs for you to use in the comfort of your own home if either time or preference leads you to choose this option instead of coaching. Please feel free to click on any product below for further information.

Relocation Success Guide

The relocation success system is designed to help you successfully transition cultures.  You get a system to use to help you successfully navigate the transition process (ideal to start this BEFORE you go!), supportive action guides, and even an interview with someone who made all the right choices to create a wonderful life in her new home.

Newbie in New York

This is a guide for anyone thinking about, or planning to move to New York, as well as anyone who just got here, to help you understand the local culture, the people, and how to get around the city!

Free eBooks

Getting Your Point Across Cultures - a quick guide to communication styles

What to Expect When You're an Expat - Maslow's hierarchy as a relocation challenges framework, incl resources and worksheets

Marketing Strategies for Service Based Businesses

If you are starting, or developing, a service-based business, don't miss out on the steps you need to take the overwhelm out of your marketing!

Add Personality Type Awareness to Your Coaching

Matrix Insights takes leadership and personal development to the next level. Use it to better understand your own coaching style, and support your clients more effectively.

A Portable Identity: A Woman’s Guide to Maintaining a Sense of Self While Moving Overseas

The spouse plays a critical role in the success of an international assignment. A Portable Identity, co-authored by Debra Bryson and Charise Hoge,  is the spouse’s definitive guide to navigating change and transition at each stage of the move – from pre-departure to arrival, while living overseas, as well as repatriation and/or future moves. According to Jo Parfitt, expatriate author and publisher, "A Portable Identity is a fascinating read and an essential tool. Definitely worth buying, whether you are about to move or have already landed in a new country. It could be a life saver."

The Relocation Decision Kit

Not sure that you're ready to move?  Are you getting stressed out about how your family will manage the move, and whether it's the right decision for you and them?  Here's a great tool to help you ask the right questions, the right way, to make the best decision possible!

Free 3 day e – career coaching programme

How To Empower Your Career

Do you feel frustrated and bored in your current job? Do you want to make changes in your career but do not know how and where to start ? Now you have a chance to lead your career! Sign up now to download your FREE 3 day e - career coaching programme. Start your career change today!


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