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Body-Based Practices for Adapting to New Cultures

By Linda Raven, ECA Member Just about everyone, expat or not, needs to have the occasional uncomfortable conversation, but certainly, we expats seem to have quite a lot of them. A conversation that would be fairly mundane in your home country may become more uncomfortable when adding on the additional layers of intercultural communication and […]

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Always, never, everybody … and debunking expat myths

I distinctly remember being told many ‘facts’ about expat life as I started my journey, most of which began with ‘Everybody feels like…’ and ‘You’ll never…’ and ‘Don’t expect to find….’. I have learnt not to trust these all encompassing statements and yet I find many expats struggles firmly rooted in many of them. Words […]

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Useful iPhone Apps to Cross Cultures

For those of you out there with an iPhone who are an Expat Coach, or someone involved in the process of transitioning cultures, we thought this list of apps might come in handy for you!  Scroll down for some ideas, and explanations to try out – CultureGPS: This app shows you the 5D model that explains intercultural differences […]

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