Top Ways to De-Stress After an International Move

Moving is a stressful process and one that is even more challenging when you make an international move. This can cause issues due to the length of the move, the time change and even a change in the geography and climate. You can help yourself to get settled in and acclimated to your new home by using a few top ways to de-stress so that you can begin to feel refreshed, renewed and ready to take on your new life.


Explore the Area

You may have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do, however, you want to take a break so that you can relax a little bit. The fact that you have made an international move means that you have a whole new world to explore that is located right around your new home. You can take a day or a weekend to visit the shops, restaurants, sights and key areas so you can relax and de-stress while you enjoy your new surroundings.


Get Your Bedroom Set Up

Sleep will be a key way for you to de-stress and you will want to make sure to unpack your bedding and linens so that you can get your bedroom set up as soon as possible. This will help you as you will be able to get a good night’s sleep right from the start. Sleep is a great way to relieve stress as your body truly does use that down time to recoup and recover according to the studies done in the least stressed states.


Indulge in Your Hobbies

You can use hobbies and favorite pastimes to relieve stress since you will find that the activities help keep your mind off of anything that may be bothering you and also help you to get back in to a groove that you are accustomed to each day. You can read, go for walks, take a scenic drive or even listen to music. These are all good ways to get rid of pent up tension that may be causing you to feel stressed.


Stay Active

Exercise is a proven way to release stress as your body will produce endorphins that are natural mood enhancers. You can work out at a gym, take a walk, ride a bike or even partake in some more organized activities to get you up, out and moving. You can even use yoga in your new home as yet another way to help de-stress. If you need more help, consult an expat coach in your area, and find out new ways to do more things.


Eat Right

Nutrition is important to overall health and well being and you want to make sure that as soon as you get to your new home the kitchen and pantry is stocked with good food. This is helpful as you work on de-stressing since eating right gives you energy, helps you feel better and provides you with the right vitamins and minerals that will help you feel better all around.

Contributed by Arjun Rajkumar, Feedbacq

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